BTGM Highlighted by Reentry Alliance

The February 24 Greater Gwinnett Reentry Alliance meeting, attended by about 60 representatives of Gwinnett reentry ministries , saw Bridge the Gap introduced as the “front end” of prison ministry in the court halls.

Bridge the Gap was also noted as a “lobbyist” at the jail, assisting inmates in their reentry into society with temporary housing,   food, transportation, etc.

BTGM has recognized this emergency need, and now has a separate ministry account under the supervision of Russell Gray, the newly elected President of the Greater Gwinnett Reentry Alliance. (GGRA)

Russell has been working with BGTM in this aspect of reentry since 2011. Long before that he was the “go-to guy” at the jail for helping homeless inmates who have nowhere to go when they get out. (Gifts to BGTM can be designated for the reentry benevolence account.)

The networking between the jail administration and GGRA demonstrates the cooperative relationships we and other reentry ministries have developed with the county.

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